About Umpie Bags

Joanna Umpleby
Joanna U. Handbag Artisan.

If your looking for a unique handbag, a fabric bag that's quite different from mass produced handbags on the high street, then you've come to the right place!
Umpie Bags are handmade from beautiful designer fabrics at my small studio workshop in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.
My mission is simple - to create unique handbags, in limited quantities, exclusive, original and wonderfully uncommon - for women everywhere to carry.

For over 20 years I held the position of Design Director of Handbags at Jane Shilton London.
My profession took me all over the world working with some of the most high-profile, iconic Fashion Houses. It was certainly challenging at times but also extremely rewarding and I loved every moment of it, but in the back of my mind was an ambition to one day, design and create my own line of Women's Designer Fabric Handbags.
I particularly wanted to focus on Bespoke Bags, original Limited Edition Handbags, and most importantly, to actually make the handbags myself.

Umpie Handbags began in 2009 and, as the business now heads into its 12th year, the unique and recognisable style of an Umpie Bag is quite firmly established.

Making the bags myself gives me the freedom to add new styles whenever I source a new and interesting fabric, so the Collections are regularly updated. If you don't find a bag on your first visit, it's worth checking again on a regular basis as new Umpie Bags are continually being added.
Umpie Bags are only available here, on this online store, I don't sell to any shops, stores or make handbags for any other companies.

Visits to my workshop are welcome but by appointment only.
Please email me here.  info@umpiehandbags.com 
 phone +44 (0)1609 760142

Thank you for looking, I hope you find a beautiful Umpie Bag you'll love...