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Experience the joy of owning a one-of-a-kind handmade handbag.

Joanna Umpleby Owner and Maker of Umpie Handbags
Joanna, the owner and maker of Umpie Bags, says...

"Umpie Bags are the perfect investment.
My artisan skills bring years of expertise to every one of my handmade bags.
Find a unique handbag that matches your style, and you'll always be proud to show it off."


The Floral Tote Bag 3.796,00 Kč
The Hexagon Handbag 3.208,00 Kč
The Big Cats Handbag 3.208,00 Kč
The Cheetah Tote Bag 3.796,00 Kč
The Alpaca Handbag 3.208,00 Kč
The Leopard Tote Bag 3.796,00 Kč