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Six Tips To Keep Your Umpie Bag in good shape

I am often asked by customers how best to care for their new Umpie Bag, so I've compiled a short list of my favourite Top Tips.
Most sensible...and some...a little tongue in cheek...

1. Don't put your handbag on the floor!

Umpie Bags have little metal feet on their bases so the handbag fabric does not come into contact with any dirty surfaces. I advise if at all possible not to put your handbag on the floor.  Dirty floors are no place for beautiful fabric bags, especially in public places.

NOTE - Exception for girls night out.

Dancing round your handbag

2. Spray a little Scotchguard.

Umpie bags are made from gorgeous furnishing fabrics which are mostly "high tech" treated for stain repellence. But a little Scotchguard sprayed onto just the fabric part of your handbag, will provide an extra protective film and help to keep your handbag nice and clean.

NOTE - Like a spray tan, top it up from time to time!

Spray tan legs

3. It's raining men.

If you get caught in the drizzle a little bit of damp won't harm your handbag, but if it's "Raining cats & dogs", it's best to pop your fabric handbag inside a plastic bag.

NOTE - Keep a folded up plastic carrier bag inside your handbag, just for this purpose. I'm sure you have one already, so re-use it, for the sake of the planet & your handbag.

Protect your Umpie Bag from rain

4. Store your handbag packed with tissue paper.

This will help it keep its shape. Never, ever, chuck your bag into the back of the wardrobe or into the deepest drawer without a thought for its welfare. Handbags can suffer colour migration if kept too close together (where colours migrate from bag to bag). So keep it separate and happy.

NOTE - "It wants to be alone" - and preferably on the shelf.

Store your Umpie Bag packed with tissue

5. There's always a Bag accident waiting to happen.
One customer emailed us in a panic to say her brand-new Umpie Bag had fallen out of her car door right into a filthy, dirty puddle, the day after she'd bought it! 

NOTE - Be alert for bag safety in the car.

6. Lastly, don't carry furry friends in your handbag, if you can help it.
NOTE - Although who can resist, 3 Yorkies in a handbag, they are just so adorable!

3 Yorkshire terriers in a handbag