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About Umpie Handbags

Joanna Umpleby
Joanna - The owner and maker of Umpie Handbags.

I'm passionate about creating one-of-a-kind handbags.  In my accessories studio in Yorkshire I hand-make each bag from the most luxurious and unique fabrics I can source. These individual designs are perfect for any occasion and add a special touch to your outfit.

For too many decades than I care to remember, I have been creating handbags. It all began professionally in 1982 when I started working with Jane Shilton, a traditional bag manufacturing company in London. Throughout the subsequent years, I have dedicated my time to perfecting the craft of designing and constructing women's quality handbags.

Umpie Bags can only be found here at this online shop. There is no other place you can purchase my exclusive designs. These handbags are not sold in other shops or stores, nor are they offered by any other companies.

Handmade bags stand out from the crowd, bringing a unique touch to your wardrobe. I carefully craft my bags with extra attention to detail. I'm proud to provide you with a quality product you will cherish for many years.
Shop now and find the perfect bag that reflects your style!

Thank you for looking, Joanna