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About Umpie Bags

Are you looking for an exclusive handbag, a quality product made to last, different from mass-produced high street brands?
Then you've come to the right place.
I individually handcraft unique fabric and leather handbags in my studio workshop in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.... read more

Joanna Umpleby


And the details that make Umpie Bags so different from high street brands...

Shoulder Bags

My Shoulder Bags are designed to be the perfect-sized handbag for every day.
I hand-cut the fabric for each handbag to ensure the focal part of the fabric design is always featured to its very best on the front of the bag.

Tote Bags

My Fabric Tote Bags are slightly larger-sized.
I love to create exciting fabric and leather strap combinations for a complete style statement.

Crossbody Bags

Everyone needs a secure Crossbody Bag for when you're out and about.
My Umpie Crossbody Bags combine originality with practicality, ensuring you'll always be ahead in the style stakes, but with a lightweight, beautiful handbag on board.

Hobo Bags

My Hobo Bags are designed in a softer construction, making a more casual handbag style.
The fabric takes centre stage here, highlighting each bag's unique design's beauty and soft drape.

Animal Print Bags

I'm a true devotee of Animal print and always incorporate a touch of it into my signature look.
But less-is-more with this trend, so featuring your bag in Animal Print is a great way to rock the look while still keeping a sublime style!


My Handbags are perfectly proportioned Bucket Bag styles.
Designed in fabulous fabrics with short leather handles, so you can choose exactly the right bag for whatever your occasion.

Weekend Bags and Carpet Bags

My Weekend Bags are the perfect size for an overnight stay or Airline Cabin Bags.
Designed to be either hand-carried or fit over your shoulder, they're exceptionally lightweight to carry.

Leather Bag Straps

My Leather Bag Straps and Replacement Bag Straps provide an exchangeable handle to enable your bag to be worn differently.
Just unclip and swap over!

My customers love Umpie Bags, here's what they say...