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Joanna Umpleby owner of Umpie Handbags

Joanna Umpleby

For over 20 years I held the position of Design Director of Handbags at Jane Shilton London.
My profession took me all over the world working with some of the most high-profile,
iconic Fashion Houses. It was certainly challenging at times but also extremely rewarding
and I loved every moment of it, but in the back of my mind was always an ambition to one
day design and create my own line of women's unique British handbags.

Umpie Kilim Handbags
I particularly wanted to move away from mass-produced factories and focus on
bespoke, original Limited Edition Handbags, and most importantly, to actually make the handbags myself.

Umpie began in 2009 and, as the business approaches its 10th year, we are now firmly established
with our own particular unique style of handbag. Using beautiful fabrics and unusual
prints, trimmed with leather handles and our Umpie Yorkshire signature logo.
Umpie handbags stand apart from the crowd.

Umpie Handbags made in Britain

British Vegan Handbags

Due to popular demand we have recently introduced a new range of Vegan Handbags 
for those who prefer not to wear leather. This collection is trimmed with natural jute.
Vegan Floral Umpie Handbag - made in Britain

Handbags made in Britain

Each Umpie Handbag is designed, cut out and individually made at our Umpie Workshop in Northallerton.
The making process for each handbag is quite labour intensive and involves many specialist artisan skills.
We pay great attention to detail and quality, ensuring each handbag is finished to the highest standard.

Floral Umpie Hobo Bag made in Britain
The Umpie Handbags workshop in Northallerton
Making the bags myself and with the help of 2 local craftswomen, means new styles may be finished,
photographed and up on our website within a couple of days, so if you do not find a bag on your first visit,
it's worth checking again on a regular basis as new Umpie Handbags are continually being added.

Thank you for looking, I hope you find a beautiful bag you love...
Floral Vegan Umpie Handbag


Floral Umpie Handbags

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